Research 4

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Comparison of "Self-portrait № 3" and icon № 2 with Jesus Christ's image.

Research № 4. "Self-portrait № 3" (on the left) and an icon № 2 with Jesus Christ's image (the image on the right) are presented for the research. 

   People of about the same age (middle age, 35-45 years), are depicted with different tilt and turn of their heads in these paintings. For visual comparison of the presented people, the image on the right was rotated to the left (21º), both images were brought to approximately the same size (it isn't possible to accurately measure a 19 mm distance between their pupils because of different gaze directions), and discoloured. The expression on the face of the icon is not a typical portrait, but a grotesque portrayal of a person.

Self Portrait №3 Leonardo da Vinci ECCE_HOMO_artist_Francesco Melzi


   The matching signs of appearance, which are the most prominent in these images, are marked in red below:

Автопортрет Леонардо да Винчи Икона Иисуса Христа


Mark 1 – shape of the lower edge of the beard, presence of a moustache, hair colour

Mark 2 – contour of the upper lip (wavy),

Mark 3 – nose length, nasal arch width, presence of a hump,

Mark 4 – prominence of under eye bags (wrinkled),

Mark 5 – shape of the inner corners of the eyes, size, shape, colour of the eyes,

Mark 6 – overhanging upper lids,

Mark 7 – presence and prominence of glabella lines,

Mark 8 – contour of the eyebrows, their length.


Along with it the following distinctive signs of appearance are noted:

Автопортрет Леонардо да Винчи Икона Иисуса Христа

Mark 9 – height of the nose wings (average, small),

Mark 10 – width of the nasal bridge,

Mark 11 – eyebrows width (wide, narrow).

  Thus, the conducted research has revealed a number of steady matching signs, allowing us to draw a conclusion that the people in question possess typical similarity, and are perceived as one person, with certain distinctions. The distinctive signs can be explained by the subjective vision of the artist and different facial expressions of these people.